What we offer

We can provide native teachers - for English, German, Czech and more!

Individual classes

One on one attention from your teacher,
Maximizing your learning ability

Group classes

Small groups from 2 to 5 people that are better substitutes for large classrooms

Business classes

Business specific learning that gives employees confidence in their environment

Kids' classes

Making their language experience fun and language classes that make you feel important

Super English Club

After school program for schools

Language school

So you find yourself in a crowded room with 20 other students, all eager to learn the same language you are trying to learn, all wanting the attention of the teacher, and all eager to practice their verbal skills. You might be a little frustrated because you are paying good money for this class, and you came to learn, but somehow feel smothered by the other 20 students.

The problem is that the other people in the room are probably thinking the same thing. If you are a serious about learning a language, a crowded class room is not the solution. It is nearly impossible to truly learn a language in this way.

So now what? That is where we come in. Real expression is dedicated to your success, and we do not believe that we would help you achieve success by making you feel insignificant. We focus on individual classes and small groups. We think that the personal contact with the teacher is vital for students to learn their language well. We want our students to have the ability to not only study grammar from a book and answer questions, but to be able to practice their language through interaction and conversation.

All of our classes are tailor made for the individual student or for every unique group. Everyone is different and we don't want to put everyone in the same mold and expect everyone to fit. We do not teach from one particular book, but draw from a variety of resources to compose the best fit for our students. We offer classes in english, german, and czech. In all languages we teach beginners to advanced levels. So contact us today so we can help you reach your language goals.